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Product Review (submitted on April 4, 2015):

besides the fact that, yea it is kinda white :) im already fair (asian fair) but it is kinda "white" on the skin, it doesnt look like "skin" :) but over all i love it! i tapped with any cushion on my nose and chin and forehead (just a tiny bit.

-it stayed on my face the whole day, i looked great the WHOLE day

-i walked for 2-3 hours (doing errands on a very HOT day, with just an umbrella, no bus or taxi, i just literally walked.. my arms and feet got somewhat tanned a bit, and my face still looked the same as how it was before i got out of the house (i only have an umbrella)

-i don't have much problem with my skin, but i am tired looking oily or shiny and retouching every now and then. so i am really happy with this cream :) i think coverage is good

-even if i was sweating and getting rid of sweat on my face the cc cream still stayed there and kept me looking great

-i like best about it is that it didn't clogged my pores which is good

-after all that heat and sweat, when i got back home, its whiteness lessened and the cream now blended with my skin tone, even if the whiteness is somewhat gone, i still looked flawless :)

-and lastly, i didn't looked shiny at all, its just great :)

so over all i give this cream a 5 star.
ps: but please etude.... please fix the skin tone :) make it at least look like skin when worn ^^ this cream is really a good product :)