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Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker

Product Review (submitted on July 14, 2019):

I have naturally a bit sunken eyes, dark circles, and deep lines under my eyes and I thought this might help me brighten up my look, but no. Firstly, this product is not for anyone that has even slight dark shadow under eyes since the applicator is pretty thick it just makes your eye area really dark and basically cancels out any work you did with concealer and color corrector. If you have fine lines or wrinkles under your eyes it just accentuates them, so I advise to stay away from this product. Step two light color is actually nice and light colored so I think I can get some use out of it. I will use both as eyeshadows. I suggest you do not buy this since it is basically eyeshadow that you probably already own and applicators are very thick so you would do a much better job by using your own palette and brushes with better results. Product is also too expensive for what it really is and you do not get that much product for it. Sorry Etude House, but this one is a pass.

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