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99% Aloe Soothing Gel

Product Review (submitted on August 15, 2018):

I could write poems about how much I love this gel. I have a great skincare routine for my face, but my body does not get enough love. I have been trying so many different lotions and body creams, but I just hate the feel of them on my skin. If it is at all sticky or heavy, I will not put it on my body. This gel is neither of those things. This sinks into the skin so quickly, leaving no residue behind. The only way you can tell that you put it on at all is that it leaves your skin so silky smooth. Sometimes I cannot help but to run my hands along my arms after I put it on just to enjoy how good my skin feels. Aloe is a fantastic ingredient, but this also includes butylene glycol, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and mushroom extract to hydrate and soothe your skin. Also, this has NO alcohol in it!! That is so hard to find in soothing gels, but I am so glad that Etude House chose to leave it out here because it can be irritating to the skin, especially if you use this on sunburns. I finally found a body moisturizer that I actually love putting on my body, and I will use it until they stop making it! ....please keep making it. I will gladly buy it forever!