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Double Lasting Foundation AD

Double Lasting Foundation AD

Product Review (submitted on July 30, 2018):

First off the shade i have brougth myself is a summer shade why i said summer shade is because i throught long and hard before buying with the image they have apply what i thought it was my shade end up being too dark hahahaha i was really sad about that But putting that aside the smell is a little strong when you first apply but it does go away The consistency is very light almost like a water base but theres so much coverage when you apply onto the face It will be very shiny when you first apply but itll die down to a nice matte shine finish i personlly likes that alot coz it makes my skin look healthy Lasting power is great also and even if it fades during throught out the day your skin would still be looking good coz it has been blended in with your nature oil so it turn into MSBB I really recommend this foundation for its finish but i would have a hard time finding the right shade if its by the image etude uploaded

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