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Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam NEW 160ml

Product Review (submitted on March 5, 2018):

Recently I've been trying to repair my skin. I on a rare occasion have a flare up but my skin is normally slightly oil, has dry patches, am acne prone and I have been battling whiteheads and clogged pores. I've used many types of cleansers and recently I've been using clay masks, vitamin C oil for the face, tea tree oil and a pore minimizing gel all which I've had great results with but I felt like my skin had a lot of dryness due to the fact that I essentially stripped my skin. I felt my skin was proceeding with its normal dryness with oil and my pores were definitely filling back up.
I wanted to try a cleanser that had baking soda as the key ingredient. This one being a plus because it seemed to be a mild exfoliant.
I've been using daily it for a little over a week and I do see that I'm no longer having patchy dry spots to my skin and my skin does feel extremely clean after cleansing. As for my pores I cannot say the impact yet. The mild exfoliating properties are very nice for daily exfoliating and there's no harsh smell. I do think that it is helping my skin perhaps regain or level it's pH but that's just a guess. I will still be trying an organic type of baking soda to make my own cleanser as I'd like to use more natural products and I still plan on using this product for a long time. I thoroughly enjoy the mild exfoliation. I was skeptical at first too but I can truly say I thoroughly enjoy this cleanser and I write very few Amazon reviews but this product definitely deserved my review.