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Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Pack

Dear Darling Water Gel Tint Pack

Product Review (submitted on July 9, 2017):

If you're looking for a lip tint that will last you an entire day or night, without having to worry at all about reapplying, this might be the one for you! Naturally, once you peel off the lip pack itself (which is very fun, in kind of a gross way), your lips don't feel like there's anything on them at all, but they're tinted very nicely. I ordered Kaumquat Red, and the color was very true to the advertised one. And again, that color lasts a LONG time, and it looks very natural! Sometimes for me, other lip tints will unevenly tint my lips, and some parts will be much darker, and it'll just look strange, but with this, it all looked 'right'.

There were a few reasons why I'd give this product 4 hearts instead of 5, however.

Firstly, once you peel off the pack, your lips taste unbelievably sour, and a bit bitter. This was remedied after I rinsed my lips and applied lip balm, but it was certainly unexpected, since the product itself smells very fruity and nice.

Secondly, I worry that there may not be enough product in the little tube for many more applications. Now, for $5.20, that's not too bad, seeing as the quality is good, and it works well, but when compared to the original Dear Darling Water Gel Tint, where you can get many, many applications from one tube (minus the fun peeling aspect, of course), it was a little disappointing.

But for just the fun experience, and the longevity of the tint on your lips itself, I would DEFINITELY recommend this tint pack! Despite the minute problems, it's certainly a good product, and when I have the money, I know I'll be buying some more colors!

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