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Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

Product Review (submitted on November 15, 2016):

RD301 is seriously the most beautiful color I've seen. Don't get tricked into thinking it's very bright or dark- it's not!! If you do the gradient lip then it looks sooo pretty and natural. I keep it in my bag everywhere I go, it's my favorite out of the 4 I ordered.

I also got PK002, OR203, and RD302. I think PK002 is my second favorite. It looks very similar to pink lip colors you see idols wearing a lot. It's actually darker than RD301, surprisingly. OR203 is a very nice scarlet red, but not exactly my cup of tea. RD302 is a very beautiful winter/fall color- it's a darker red (darker than RD301) and has a tiny hint of what I think is brown.

I painfully knocked off a star (I only would've taken off half if I could) because when I first got it I immediately realized how quickly it sets, making it kind of hard to blend if you wait too long. What I've learned to do is put the tint on one part of my lips, blend, then do the other. The scent isn't my favorite but it isn't unbearable (to me, the smell goes between strawberry and grape candy). It lasts super long (I've worn it to bed, never transferred to pillows nor did it just fade off), but if you're eating or drinking things you may need to reapply.

Sorry for the long review, I just want to give a nice in depth opinion on them!!

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