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Oh M'Eye Line

Product Review (submitted on July 5, 2016):


Firstly, I have oily, monolids. This means if I use a bad eyeliner, I end up with severe panda eyes. Before this product, I have tried all the popular 'water proof' eyeliners. I can say NONE of the other products lasted more than a few hours.

Now, onto this product. It's a cute small bottle. It has lasted me more than a year. It has a soft brush applicator, which is great (if it is too hard, it tends to 'skip' when I draw a line). When I use it with a primer, it lasts 10hours +.

I have even worn it asleep, and it remained perfect on my eyes the next morning.

And the price is AMAZING!!!

The only con is that sometimes when it dries, it flakes off. It can leave small black 'bombs' on your cheeks - the type where if you're not careful, can leave marks on your face. ALSO, you have to use waterproof eye make up remover (which is actually a good sign of how hard it is to remove).