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Wonder Pore Freshner NEW 250ml

Wonder Pore Freshner NEW 250ml

Product Review (submitted on May 24, 2016):

I've tried several very high-end toners before, and have never made it through the whole bottle before losing interest. I have sensitive and very pale combination skin, and I am generally lucky to have very little acne, maybe a small pimple or two once a week.
This product did wonders for my skin (no pun intended), it brought out a healthy glow I never realized my skin could have, and really helped to control the oily spots on my face. I even got my boyfriend to try it; he works out regularly, and his face is very sensitive to his sweat and he is prone to breakouts if he doesn't get the chance to wash his face immediately after working out. It was very effective, and within 2-3 days his acne had cleared up, and even though he was a little embarrassed about using my "wonder girl toner", he continued to use it for the rest of the school year. My one recommendation for this product is that you definitely use moisturizer on your face after applying the toner to make sure it doesn't dry out your skin. I just repurchased my second bottle of this stuff, but this time, I got the bigger size- it's worth it!

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