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Play Color Eyes #Juice Bar

Product Review (submitted on March 16, 2016):

I was pretty mad at myself for buying this at first, because I came into the store looking for certain colors, and left with....a palette of not quite those colors. I normally avoid palettes with too many brown/earth tones, because they always look terrible with my skin type (kind of olive) and make my eyes just look a sickly way and not a sexy way. These brown tones somehow look really nice on my skin though. These are definitely a more everyday colors than a dramatic kind of palette- most of the colors aren't very pigmented, though they blend nicely. I was particularly impressed by the staying power. One morning I didn't apply primer, but at the end of the day the colors I put on still looked fresh and new. So I guess my point is, I imagined shades that weren't as pigmented would fade quicker, but that isn't the case with these.
One note on the packaging- opening the case isn't too hard, but there's a jolt that always makes the applicators jump out and all over the place, which is kind of irritating lol. Maybe they need a little something to click in place and stay put.