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Look At My Eyes Cafe

Product Review (submitted on January 11, 2016):

I bought four of these in BR405, BR406, PP501, and BE102. BR405 isn't brown, it's more of an orange, which isn't very becoming of an eye shadow color, so I don't wear it often. BR406 isn't noticeable at all. Its color barely shows up, which is odd because I'm white with very pale skin, so I thought that it would show more on my skin tone. PP501 is nice, but very subtle, which isn't a bad thing considering its deep color. I'm not one for dramatic eye looks anyway. Lastly, BE102 blends into my skin, which is good enough for me since I have visible veins on my eyelids and it covers them. If I don't want a dramatic eyelook, then I'll use this one, or if I'm using one of the Play 101 pencils as eyeliner. I was going to give them a rating of two stars, but I do like two of the four of them.