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Product Review (submitted on June 18, 2015):

Some shades come out more pigmented than others, but you can layer it and won't be cakey. I'm going to list all the ones I have.
BE102: I love it! I use it as a base or highlight shade. I've also been using this for the aegyo sal look. Since it's matte and not shimmery, it makes the aegyo sal seem more natural.
BR403: I like using this as a base and as the darker shade for the aegyo sal look.
BR401: It's like BR403, but with a purpley undertone.
BR402: A nice dark brown that I use near my lashes to soften up my eyeliner. I've even used water and a brush to use this shade as my eyeliner.
BR404: Another shade that I love. I've used this to soften up my eyeliner and for the V shape (by the crease). I've used this for gradiation (eyeliner, then BR404, then this shade).
BR407, PK1001, and OR203: I don't use these often. It's not because there's something wrong with them. It's just a personal preference that I have. I don't think that that particular shade of brown suits my skin color. After trying pink and orange, I've decided that I prefer the neutral look.