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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Topics


Q How can I create a new ID?
Q I cannot remember my Password.
Q I want to close my Account.
Q How can I change my Password?
Q How can I change my Address?
Q Why was my account closed?


Q What is 'Shopping Cart'?
Q How can I move items to Wishlist in the shopping cart?
Q How much does it cost for Shipping?
Q Can I reuse my coupon?
Q I did not add the free gift in my order.
Q I cannot use my coupon.
Q I can not add the Free gift in my shopping cart.
Q Is there any additional shipping fee for promotional items?
Q I want to change something in my order.
Q Where can I put my discount coupon code?


Q What are payment options internationally?
Q I want to know what I have bought.
Q Whose responsibility for custom charges?
Q I cannot complete my payment with IE8.
Q What does 'pending' status mean?
Q What does 'complete' status mean?
Q What does 'Payment Review' status mean?


Q How much does it cost for worldwide shipping?
Q How does it proceed worldwide shipping process?
Q How long does it take to get my item?
Q How can I track my items?
Q How can I change the shipping information?
Q My parcel's status is not updated on tracking site for a few days.
Q How much will I get refund for returned parcels?


Q How do I cancel an order?
Q How do I return or change an item?
Q My order is being returned to sender, Can you ship the parcel again?


Q What are Reward Points?
Q How can I earn Reward Points?
Q How to use Reward Points?

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