Customer Service

** Please contact us for any inquiries by email :

Shipping Status

- Departure → Accepted by shipping company → Dispatch from Korea → Arrival in your country → Custom Clearance → Local Shipping → Delivered

- Order Status :
'Processing' means payment has been made.
'Processing 1,2' means that our shipping facility is packing your order.
'Processing 3' means that your package is ready to be shipped.


- Go to My Account -> My Orders.

You can click the order you made. 

If the Order Status is Complete 1, you will be able to check the tracking number and information. (First tracking update takes several business days)
※For guest customers, please send us an email for tracking information and site.

Shipping Fee

- Set the fee with additional weight on the product.

- Shipping Fee will be calculated according to the destination country and total item weight.

*Product weight includes subsidiary weight.
*Freebie weight will be added into the total item weight.

Shipping Country - Worldwide
※See ETUDE HOUSE Worldwide shipping fees and countries


There should be notification about Cancel/Return/Exchange when the customer pay for it. In the case of cancellation, it can be handled with only global admin and admin for Etude House.

Return & Exchange - Return or Exchange in any case is not possible.

Received Damaged/Defective/Wrong Item
- Customers should send an email to prove the item’s defect.
After then, staffs of Etude House will make decisions. (The item can be refunded.)
- If the item is partially damaged or wrong, customers can be get refunded for only item price. shipping fee cannot be refunded. Only in case the whole items were damaged or wrong can get the shipping fee back.

Package not Arrived
- If you do not receive the package for period that normally takes for international shipping, please contact CS team to request tracking to the post office/shipper.
Refund can be done according to the tracking result.
- In case the tracking result says that the parcel was lost, full refund is available.

Returned Package
- For details, please refer to our shipping fee policies

If a part of your order item is out of stock and cannot ship to you, only the item price can be refunded.(Partial refund only available through Paypal)


Cancellation can be impossible according to the order status.

- If the order is still in "Processing" status, you can click "Hold" button in your account.
Then, please send an email to cancel the order.

- If your order status is 'processing1,2,3', holding is not possible.
Please contact the CS team to inquire.

However, please note that they do not work on the weekends and holidays.


Returned Packages will be refunded according to the Return Reason after the parcel arrives back to our facility. Most of cases, we should get customers partial refund deducting the first shipping fee.

Absence of Addresee - In case the parcel failes to be delivered with absence of addressee and returned, refund will be given excluding the first shipping fee.
Insufficient Address - If the item is returned due to put the wrong shipping address by customer, customers can be get refunded deducting first shipping fee.
Non-(re)claimed - In case customers don't claim/reclaim and the package be returned, customers will get refund except first shipping fee.
Custom Charge - If your item is not approved by customs due to unpaid custom fee, Customers can be get refunded deducting shipping fee.

- If the customer refuses to accept parcel, first shipping fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
In case the Refused is by Custom and stated clearly, full refund is available.
Otherwise, the CS team can ask customers for material to prove the return reason of Custom's Refusal.

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