Play 101 Setting Powder

21.90 SGD

Whether you're looking to blur out pores and fine lines, colour correct, or even mattify your skin, our six brand new Play 101 Setting Powder will do the job!

Strawberry blurs out pores and fine lines.
Banana colour corrects surface redness.
Mint diffuses redness and reduces shine.
Salmon orange balances and brightens dull skin.
Sebum control reduces shine and mattifies skin.
Apricot Beam neutralises dark undertones.

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How to apply:

1. Turn the bottom part of the container (clear part) to the right to open.

2. Open the cap, push down the brush protective tube, and sweep 5-6 times in a circular motion on your palm as if dusting off the powder.

3. After face makeup, gently sweep over your desired areas.

4. After use, close the brush protective tube and cap and turn the bottom part of the container (clear part) to the left to close.

5. Keep the cap closed after use.

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