Colorful Scent eau de perfume

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Peach Floral : Attractive coloring with pink resembling pinkish happy smile and soft, lovely pink peach fragrance.
Clean Laundry : Pure, attractive coloring and clean, pure sky-blue laundry fragrance resembling the scent of freshly washed laundry.
Sweet Fruity :Cute, sweet, attractive coloring resembling sweet, juicy tropical fruit candies and sweet fruit fragrance of a cute party girl.
Citrus Fruity : Attractive grapefruit resembling refreshing energizing vitamins and vibrant grapefruit fragrance.
Rose Floral : Romantic rose coloring with rich rose fragrance resembling a rose garden.
White Powdery : Pure, attractive coloring and soft, pure powdery fragrance resembling cushiony snow-covered path.
Light Floral : Pleasant floral coloring resembling flowers blossoming under the warm sunlight and pure floral fragrance.
Green Fresh : Attractive pure coloring and refreshing pleasant green fragrance resembling fresh dew in the garden in the early morning.

How To Use

Spray onto pulse points (wrist, neck, elbow, etc). Pat to finish.


1. Use only as directed.
2. Avoid storing in high/low temperatures or in areas exposed to direct sunlight.
3. Stop using if it causes any allergic reaction or any problems arising.

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