My Beauty Tool Body Razor

RM 36.00

The razor for the smoothness of women's body.

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1. Wash the parts that need to be shaved (armpits, legs, etc).
2. Towel dry or apply shaving gel or cream while still wet.
3. Gently shave along the grain of hair.
4. Apply ample body lotion to soothe your skin and prevent dryness after shaving.


Stainless Steel, PP, TPE


1. Handle with care as applying too much force can cause an injury. 2. Do not use for any unindicated purpose. 3. Always keep clean and do not share with others. 4. Store away from the reach of children. 5. Do not allow children to use the product. 6. Do not place near a firing device. 7. Handle with care as this product has sharp parts.


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