Vita C-Talk Gel Cream 60ml

Daily gel cream with vitamin keeps your skin hydrated and takes care of dark spots with a moisturizing, clean-looking base.

Dark Spot T.A.P.A Vita Film Mask 20g

The vita-melting film makes look brighten dark spots on the face and the closely-adhering see-through sheet makes the skin tone look clear for one-step brighter skin with double skincare.

Cherry Jelly Lips Patch(Vitalizing)

Refreshing cherry protects your lips!
The lip patch keeps your lips moisturized, revitalized, and plump with triple care from cherry extract, hyaluronic acid, and collagen.

Lovely Cookie Blusher New

Pong pong pong~ Simply tap skin with the lovely puff to have pinkish cheeks full of bright vitality

Dr. Lash Ampoule

This is a highly concentrated lash treatment gel formulated with Dr. Lash Complex,a vitamin and herbal extract compound, to strengthen and nourish lashes for a healthy, voluminous look.

Gift) Dr. Lash Serum: Daytime lash moisturizer and eye serum in one.