Vita C-Talk Gel Cream 60ml

Daily gel cream with vitamin keeps your skin hydrated and takes care of dark spots with a moisturizing, clean-looking base.

Pink Vital Water Facial Toner

The vitality-charging moisture toner makes the skin feel moisturized and fresh as it is absorbed quickly without leaving any sticky feel on the skin

Pink Vital Water Emulsion

The vitality-charging moisture emulsion makes the flaky, tired skin feel smooth as it gently wraps the skin without creating a stuffy feel.

Pink Vital Water Serum

The new-concept water drop essence delivers moisturizing and revitalizing energy with lightly spreading droplet particles

Pink Vital Water Eye Serum

The moisture serum makes the skin around the eyes vitalized all day long with the refreshing moisture gel, resembling rupturing water droplets.

Pink Vital Water Cream

The vitality-charging moisture cream provides hydrating vitality to the tired, flaky skin with its non-sticky smooth moisture layer