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Customer Service

** Please contact us for any inquiries by email :

Shipping Status - Processing : Delivery → Domestic shipping → Customs → Local Shipping → Shipped (Completed)
- Order Status :
'Processing & Processing 1' means payment has been made.
'Processing 2' means your order is being packed.
'Processing 3' means your order is ready to be shipped.
Tracking - When the click their trackin number, Pop-up on tracking information appears.
- Before entering tracking number, they can click the Cancel Button. When clicking the button, pop-up appears. (please send the email if you want to cancel this order.
- Once the tracking number entered, the cancel button disappears.
Shipping Fee - Set the fee with additional weight on the product.
- For prevent happening the problem that they pays the fee cheaper than actual weight, it should be fixed with actual weight and there should be the way to fix it. (Product weight + weighted value+ subsidiary material weight = Total weight)
Shipping Country - Worldwide
※See ETUDE HOUSE Worldwide shipping fees and countries


There should be notification about Cancel/Return/Exchange when the customer pay for it. In the case of cancellation, it can be handled with only global admin and admin for Etude House.

Return - Return can be applied with only email.(
- Customers should send the email for prove the item’s defects. After then, staffs of ETUDEHOUSE will make decisions. ->The item can be refunded.

- The item is damaged or wrong. (If the item is partially damaged or wrong, shipping fee cannot be refunded. Only the case total item is damaged or wrong can be refunded.)
- If delivery service can not contact the customer, shipping fee cannot be refunded .(Only pay with paypal)

- If the customer get the wrong item, customers can be get refunded for only item price.

- If your item is not approved by customs, customers can be get refunded for only item price.

- If the item is returned due to put the wrong shipping address by customer, customers can be get refunded for only item price.

- If a part of your order item is out of stock and cannot ship to you, only the item price can be refunded.(Only pay with paypal)

Cancel - If order status is one of 'PROCESSING', it can be canceled your order. Click here to contact us.
Exchange - We can not be approved exchange in any case. - If you want exchange, you have to cancel your order and re-order you want to get the item. (Please check our cancel policy)


Return Case * After customs entry, the case that can be returned. - only change the mind (cannot return) : if it can, customer should pay the shipping fee on the first shipping fee + return shipping fee.
- defected product: after checking definition the defected product with CS
Submit the statement of reason → check the starting to return(shipping) → Refund (return shipping fee is on Etude House)

* Partial Return
- Only change the mind : cannot return
- the case there are some defected products in one orders.: Cancel the payment and re-pay on the purchase.
Exchange Case - Only change the mind(cannot exchange) : If it can, customer should pay the shipping fee on the first shipping fee + return shipping fee. - Defected product: refund the order as return policy, and re-pay for applicable product. ( exchange shipping fee is on Etude House)

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