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Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit

Why We Love
Zero Oil! Coverage Up! Longer Lasting!
Keep your dazzling looking skin
all day like a precious pearl.

Type - #1 Light Beige, #2 Natural Beige, #3 Honey Beige, #4 Sand Beige
Detail - 60g


Skin Malgeum

Why We love
Remove the surrounding darkness and leave moist clean skin and pure complexion. Unveil clear sunny skin!


Type - Fresh, Moist, Essential, Smoother, Deep Moist, Emulsion Detail - 250ml

Moistfull Collagen Cream

Why We Love
Fight for the dryness!!
Moisturizing and tightening cream improves complexion look and feel with concentrated Baobab Tree extract and Collagen formula.


Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara

Why We Love
Big, Dramatic, Dolly Eyes get easy as 1, 2, 3 Step 1 for pure and innocent lashes Step 2 for full volume of loveliness, Step 3 for a dramatic party looks.

Type- #1 light beige, #2 natural beige
Detail - 9.5g

Lovely Cookie Blusher

Why We Love
Puff Puff! Feel the soft touch for lovely and
sweet baby rosy cheek

Type - #1 Pink,#2 Rose,#3 Orange
Detail - 8.5g


Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

Why We Love
Hello sweet lips, what do you feel like today? Express It with Color! Lipstick bloom with emotion to supply moist, cream textured color and shine for longwear comfort.

Type - Bashful Coral', 'Thrilling Red', 'Exciting Orange', 'Breathless Pink'
Detail - 3.4g


Magic Tint balm

Why We Love
Finish touch for natural look! Balm textured lip tint supplies moisture and natural color to lips.

Type - #1 Magic Red, #2 Magic Pink, #3 Magic Orange
Detail - 10g


Oh M'Eye Line

Why We Love
Splash! Become the eye princess with bright clear eyes! Liquid eyeliner supplies vivid, long lasting definition.

Type - #1 Black, #2 Grey, #3 Brown
Detail - 6ml


Missing u

Why We Love
Don’t Disappear, We’ll Hold U in Our Warm Embrace.
Help our endangered friends by participating in missing u project !
Let’s Protect our Bee friends in our hands!

Type :
Queen Bee-Rose
Honey Bee -Acacia
Lady Bug-Chestnut Blossom
Baby Bee-Citrus Baby Powder
Detail - 5g


Mini Me Perfumed Stick

Why We Love
'Choose Your Love Coach‘ 5 Portable solid stick application fragrances for perfect date!

Type : Ms. Cutie Goes to Tokyo, Japan-Citrus Fruity Floral
Ms. Hot Goes to Hollywood, USA- Sweet Fruity
Ms. Lonely Goes to Shanghai, China- White Floral
Ms. Twinkle Goes to Seville, Spain-Sweet Fruity Floral
Ms. Ever Goes to Paris, France-Floral Bouquet
Detail - 100ml