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Wannabe Sweet? PLAY ETUDE

ETUDE? - ETUDE’s name was inspired by Polish composer Frederic Chopin’s studies for the piano. Our mission is to beautify young women through lovely products and friendly counseling.

Enjoy makeup play

Etude is a cosmetic brand that believes makeup should be playful and not routine. So our products are developed to reflect four basic concepts: high quality, affordability, lovely design and a diverse color range. Etude loves to promote fun make-up play for all girls around the world to be sweet.

Welcome to the Play House

With a lovely interior, Etude House resembles a perfect doll house like a princess’s private chamber full of ornate trinkets and treasured items that all girls dream of. Come and find your inner princess at Etude House by partaking in makeup play and exploring a new world of beauty.

Sweet Dreams come True

Etude strives to make sweet dreams come true. That is why we continue to support rising young artists through sponsorship of various social causes, concerts and events.

Company History

  • 1985.12 Identity Changed to Oscar Corp.
  • 1990.07 Incorporated by Amore Pacific Group
  • 1994.01 Launched exports to Hong Kong
  • 1996.05 R&D facility established for color cosmetics
  • 1997.08 Name changed to Etude Corp.
  • 1998.11 Awarded by Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry for surpassing 1 million USD in exports annually
  • 2003.11 Awarded by Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry for surpassing 5 million USD in exports annually
  • 2005.08 Launch of Etude House Seoul
  • 2006.04 Consolidation with eSpoir Corp. (Fragrance)
  • 2007.04 Etude House opens its 100th brand shop
  • 2007.11 Awarded by Korea’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry for surpassing 10 million USD in exports annually
  • 2009.04 Etude House opens its 200th brand shop
  • 2009.05 Taiwan launch
  • 2009.06 Singapore launch
  • 2009.11 Home Shopping launch in Japan
  • 2009.12 Philippines launch
  • 2010.02 Awarded top honor by First Brand Korea
  • 2010.09 Myanmar & Brunei launch
  • 2010.12 Etude House opens its 100th overseas branch
  • 2011.02 Awarded by IF International Design Award for Packaging
  • 2011.11 Japan Branch Launch (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

Brand Identity


Sweet Star
Sweet Heart
Sweet Dream

Etude’s brand logo represents the Sweet Dreams of all young women.
‘Sweet Star’ symbolizes the witty charm and bright shine of a beautiful heroine.
‘Sweet Heart’ symbolizes a pure and beautiful heart that sincerely loves the world.
‘Sweet Dream’ symbolizes a magical carriage ride to a majestic castle full or wonder and imagination.

Faces of ETUDE

F(x) Krystal & Sulli
Sparkling sweet girls from rising K-pop group f(x)!
Get ready to have fun makeup play with Krystal & Sulli.
Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE

Shinny SHINee meets Sweet ETUDE
Let’s make sweeter stories with 5 members of
SHINee, Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, Taemin
Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE

pink play house

2011~2012 - Sandara Park (2NE1)

2010 - 2NE1

2009~2010 - Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho

2009.6~2009.12 - Ryu Seung Ho

2006~2008 - Jang Keun Suk & Go Ara

2001~2006 - Song Hye Kyo

2000~2001 - S.E.S

1999~2000 - Jun Ji Hyun